Social Media giants, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffered a global downtime yesterday with users unable to load content (photos and videos including WhatsApp stickers).

While some users couldn’t load content on their Facebook and Instagram platforms, others found difficulty logging in. Another section of users had challenges interacting with contacts on WhatsApp.

The issues started at around 2pm UK time on 3 July, with Facebook and Instagram releasing statements on their Twitter accounts saying that they are ‘working as quickly as possible’ to solve the outage.

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While Twitter remained unaffected, many people took to that platform to share pictures and content in the meantime – as well as complaining about the issue. One user tweeted that “the end times are upon us”, while other people posted funny memes about how Twitter stands to benefit from the triple outage.

Amidst all these, it is interesting to note that Twitter also had Direct Messages glitch yesterday.

On March 15, 2019, we wrote a similar post when Facebook suffered a downtime.  Here’s an excerpt from that post;

“The aim of this post is not to downplay Social Media Marketing as an effective marketing tool, it really is. Our intention at YesWebsites is to educate business owners on why they shouldn’t rely solely on Social Media for their businesses.”

“Remember, investing all your eggs in someone else’s basket is never a sound business strategy, which is why you need to look into investing more time and resources into owning your own website with the purpose of growing your email list rather than just growing your social media following.”

“Advertise on your Social Media, close the deal on your website.”

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