Facebook experienced worldwide outages for its apps and services for nearly a day on Wednesday.

This outage was the longest Facebook had suffered in recent years. Users lodged complaints about logging into and posting on Facebook, Instagram and also WhatsApp.

Advertisers decried loss of projected revenue as their ad campaigns suffered a decline in impressions.

Take Control of Your Domain Names

It was so bad for the renowned Social Media Network that they had to post on a competitor platform to inform their users of the widespread outage.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster. Social media marketing is one of several tools to enhance business growth, not one to build the core of your business on completely.

When you build a large social media following, you have to realize that those people are that platform’s customers, not yours. 

They may be following you, but that social media platform has complete control of what they see and do and can boot anyone off in just a second.

Building a business on someone else’s platform has led to the downfall of many entrepreneurs who rejected sound professional advice of investing in owning a website for their business and growing their Email list.

Relying solely on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn puts you at the mercy of their decisions, forcing you into panic mode every time they make a change that affects your strategy or their servers go down like we recently experienced.

For serious-minded businesses, Social Media is a lead-generating tool with the ultimate goal of getting those leads to visit their website to either sign up, purchase or subscribe to a Mailing list.

The beauty of getting your Social Media leads to visit your website is that they get to see all you have to offer. This is similar to having someone visit your store while you show them around pleasantly. 

This affords you the opportunity to creating life-long customers.

The aim of this post is not to downplay Social Media Marketing as an effective marketing tool, it really is. Our intention at YesWebsites is to educate business owners on why they shouldn’t rely solely on Social Media for their businesses.

Remember, investing all your eggs in someone else’s basket is never a sound business strategy, which is why you need to look into investing more time and resources into owning your own website with the purpose of growing your email list rather than just growing your social media following.

Advertise on your Social Media, close the deal on your website.

If you’re a business owner and would like to get a website for your business, we’re always available to discuss. If you’re based in Lagos, we can also schedule an appointment.

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